YiChuan County ShengYu Fireproof Material Co., Ltd.

Shengyu Attended the 2nd China (Luoyang) Industrial Fair

Updated: 2014-10-08 03:25:52

On Sept. 25, 2014, the 2nd China (Luoyang) Industrial Fair saw its grand opening in Luoyang New District Exhibition Center. A great many of material products companies played an active part, including the professional brown fused alumina manufacturer—Yichuan County Shengyu Fireproof Material Co., Ltd.

According to iAbrasive report, the fair was co-sponsored by the Department of Industry and Information of Henan Province, Luoyang municipal government, and Henan Provincial Nonferrous Metals Guild. The fair will last three days, mainly showing industrial products, focusing on raw materials for metal, new materials, material products, material manufacturing technologies and equipments.

iAbrasive reveals that Wang Yanhui, the general manager of Shengyu, has taken the lead. Wang said, "We should grasp each opportunity to make Shengyu's products known to the public." The booth of Shengyu is clear at a glance. The poster reads the company profile, which is to the point. The company holds a positive attitude towards research and product development, seeking to provide a better and more complete service for the customers. glass bottles that contain brown fused alumina are tidily displayed on the table, and on each of the bottle's surface is a label saying the grit size of the products. Wang introduced, "The brown fused alumina of Shengyu is mainly used for producing refractory materials, which are of high purity, low coefficient of linear expansion, and corrosion resistance. The products grit sizes are strictly conform to the national standard, and we can produce based on customer demand."

Wang also spoke of his opinion on the developing trend of the abrasives industry, "In terms of the fair, brown fused alumina is only a small segment of the entire fair. Most of the exhibitions we used to attend were comprehensive that there were little professional ones. Traditional exhibitions are partly effective in helping the company to develop business. However, most purchasers are not willing to spent much time in exhibitions. As a result, we have to find new approaches to make breakthroughs."

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The 2nd China (Luoyang) Industrial Fair has provided an effective platform for Shengyu and can improve its popularity to some degree. For abrasives companies, combining traditional marketing modes with integrated online marketing can help them gain more profits.