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How to Update Brown Fused Alumina Industry and Manufacturing Industry in China?

Updated: 2015-05-28 06:37:14

Management backward has become the big bottleneck of China. It is urgent to do for China, not to upgrade industries but update the system and management. The reputation of made in China is not very good abroad, but many people ignore the important fact that China does not lack the ability to create first-class products. The question is that it is not easy to remove the inferior products at a short time in China. As is revealed by the cask principle, the short board pushes down the country's reputation and the average level of goods in the market.

Firstly, we should make accountability mechanism clear in order to realize its management function.

After 30 years of reform and opening up, the management system is still not perfect with a lack of supervision for some enterprises. As a result, the illegal cost is too low, which is an obstacle to the integrity of updates made in China. In the market filled with fake and no punishment, the high quality products will bring the risk for economy and production. Secondly, some rights should be put down, and let the market work regularly.

Above all, Brown Fused Alumina industry can be divided into five class specifically but only first class in the state standards management files, and no other second or third class, so the quality of products in the market can not be guaranteed. Some cutting and grinding wheels made from inferior quality and low price of corundum furnace cover glass, step into the hands of users under the market circulation. When using them, users will find it can not cut metal film but also increase the labor costs. The enterprise group with conscience and social responsibility would let this kind of products stay in the warehouse temporarily and wait to be processed. They will go to the Brown Fused Alumina export production base in Henan Luoyang YiChuan Shengyu Company for the procurement of Brown Fused Alumina with high quality, mark fixed furnace sand F24, and then return to their company to make the cutting and try in the oil field. As a result, it can cut 42 knives, and there are 6 knives more compared with the original's. This is a lesson. If you want to buy Brown Fused Alumina, you should buy the high quality Brown Fused Alumina in all factory direct sales so that you can achieve your own brand products.

Author: Wang Yanhui, General manager of Yichuan County Shengyu Fireproof Material Co., Ltd.

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